Helping You Get Where You Want to GROW

I support those leading themselves and others with purpose and integrity who want help finding greater meaning, effectiveness, and flow as they navigate exponential change.

Are you ready to change greatly?

We all have different feelings about change. 

Perhaps you arrive here feeling confused by all the changes happening in the world around us. Or battered and bruised by change. Or feeling stuck and seeking change. Or empowered and eager to start shaping changes in and around you.

Wherever you are in your relationship with change, WELCOME!


Navigating rapid change requires us to orient to the world around and inside us. As someone who has always tried to make sense of my environment, it is an honor to share my research and discoveries around our rapidly changing world. I offer maps and tools to help you discern salient features of our current context. With a background in education and social work, I support your ability to tune into yourself and claim ownership over your own development so you can sense and decide what capacities YOU want to develop to create the life you want to lead. {Contact me to learn more about presentations and classes to ORIENT you and your team/organization to the key distinctions of our “new world.”]


Complexity is a different context to navigate but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Yes, there is a learning curve to adapting to our new world, but learning in this new paradigm looks different: It’s playful and done in community.  Centering wisdom (rather than the overwhelm of too much information), this type of learning leaves you feeling nourished and satisfied, rather than drained and depleted.

Shifting into ways of being and working together that are relevant for navigating complexity and fostering resilience is easier when you have a curated set of frameworks/tools/process you can rely on, as well as top-notch domain experts and pods of peers to explore and practice with, and learn better together, through meaning-making conversations.  [Contact me to learn about my learning cohorts, as well as customized, place-based learning supports I can offer you and your teams.]


This wild new world is offering us many gifts., including the invitation to create a life of greater presence and meaning, the ability to tap into the wisdom of something larger than us, and to work with greater ease, joy, and flow.

As you develop your comfort and skills at swimming in the waters of change, you may notice a growing hunger for “next level” conversations that help you deepen your inquiry into who you are, where you are now, and where you want to grow to. [Contact me to learn more about individual and group coaching opportunities.]