Helping You Get Where You Want to GROW

I support Paradigm Shifting Professionals who are serious about their own development as a means to transform the world, who want to be resourced as they surf the frothy edges of learning.

Welcome to this space for those ready to change greatly!!

We all have different feelings about change. 

Perhaps you arrive here feeling confused by all the changes happening in the world around us. Or battered and bruised by change. Or feeling stuck and seeking change. Or empowered and eager to start shaping changes in and around you.

Wherever you are in your relationship with change, WELCOME!


Navigating rapid change requires us to orient to the world around and inside us. As someone who has always tried to make sense of my environment, it is an honor to share my research and discoveries around our rapidly changing world. I offer maps and tools to help you discern salient features of our current context. With a background in education and social work, I support your ability to tune into yourself and claim ownership over your own development so you can sense and decide what capacities YOU want to develop to create the life you want to lead.


Learning in this new world looks different. It’s playful and done in community.  And it’s soul-nourishing. Centering wisdom rather than chasing information, learning in this paradigm satisfies your whole self, rather than just your intellect.

As you orient to who you are, where you are, and where you want to grow, I’ll connect you with a curated set of complexity-relevant frameworks/tools/process, as well as a vetted group of top-notch domain experts to guide you in developing the capacities you’re seeking to develop. 

In addition, I provide pods of people to explore with, to “splash around” and practice with, to learn better together through meaning-making conversations 

Listening to people who have been shifting, I’ve realized that this wild new world is offering us many gifts. The essence of which seems to be a life of greater presence, which enables us to tap into the wisdom of something larger than us, and the capacity to work with greater ease, joy, and flow.

As you develop your comfort and skills swimming in the waters of change, I delight in supporting the those living more fully on the frothy edges of learning to allow your experience and expertise to ripple out further into the world where it can touch the lives of more people and bring you more value for your value.

Who Are Paradigm Shifting Professionals?

On the frontlines of collapsing systems, there is a phenomenon worth tracking: A growing number of individuals are stepping forward to tend to a crisis of humanity. Unshackling themselves from outdated constructs for how we operate, these individuals are meaningfully addressing some of our greatest challenges in ways that revolutionize what’s possible. I refer to these pioneering first responders as “Paradigm Shifting Professionals.”

Influenced by Transformative Social Systems (ancient and modern wisdom traditions that center and ethos of collaboration), these “Paradigm Shifting Professionals” show up to themselves and others in a manner that deepens our connection to the heart of what matters[4], reminds us of our freedom[5], and invites us into a deeper sense of responsibility and care for the whole[6].

Driven by a keen sensitivity to suffering and a deep awareness of all that is at stake at this moment in history, Paradigm Shifting Professionals humble themselves before Uncertainty. They embody a learning stance and invite others to step in to discover together, “What really works in our new world?”. Full of grace, they wisely use power to help humans develop into the highest form of ourselves, as they simultaneously move the dial on meaningful change.

There are many people with role authority who are not acting as Paradigm Shifting Professionals, and many without titles who are. To be clear, this term can include ~ but is not limited to ~ people in formal professions and positions of power.

The reason why I refer to these individuals as “professionals” is because they’re:

  • Serious about their development (these practitioners recognize our challenges are serious and know we can’t afford to play at the amateur level any longer).
  • Seeking to create a livelihood around their contributions (these practitioners are showing up where the need currently is, not necessarily where Old World jobs and funding are; the challenge is to ensure their value is understood and compensated).