Change Fatigue: When Will We Be on the Other Side of Disruption?

By Laureen Golden

Happy Friday! This week we explored, “What’s Changing About Change?“. We’ve focused in on external change, noting the acceleration from a LINEAR to an EXPONENTIAL pattern. 

Today, we’re naming the elephant in the room…change fatigue!

The majority of us are exhausted and overwhelmed by change! The past few years have been challenging and many of us feel shell-shocked by all that’s happened.

The hope that we’re almost on the “other side” has been a source of sustenance. We’re doing our best to hold it together, all the while wondering, “Is the storm of disruption almost over?

Ummm…so there’s bad news and some not-so-bad news.

OK, for the bad news: Salim Ismail, an exponential strategist, suggests “we are about 1% (of the way into exponential change). We are literally just starting. MOST OF THE DISRUPTION IS ACTUALLY AHEAD OF US.”[1]

Arghhhhh! (Take a minute to rant if you need to!)

Ok, now the not-so-bad news…We may not be able to change all the change that’s happening around us…BUT we can change our relationship to change. (This is where we’ll pick up next week!)

Quick check-in…how are you holding up? Is the content from the last 2 weeks stressing you out? This context can feel like a lot to take in, so please reach out if you want to “unpack” and “digest” what’s arising for you! 

[1] Salim Ismail, Exponential Organizations (This 40min video is definitely worth watching!)