Change & The Compression of Time

By Laureen Golden

Happy Friday! This week we’ve been exploring the topic of changing our relationship to change. Success is no longer associated with an ability to withstand change, but rather the capacity to be transformed by it (ie, adapting … evolving … developing … learning!).

Today let’s dip deeper into the topic of adapting (ie, being changed by change). Why? Because:

  1. “Companies and governments are going out of business every day because they have failed to adapt, or because they adapted too slowly.” [1]
  2. Those who survive are the ones who most accurately perceive their environment and successfully adapt to it.”[2]

The challenge is ~ in exponential change ~ we have less time and space to adapt (evolve, develop, learn, change)!

Change has always been accelerating…but until recently [it] has been slow enough to enable people to adapt.”[3] 

This compression of time between what was and what is to be [4] is part of why we feel so overwhelmed. It is also why we need to tend to our “immunity to change” response and unleash humanity’s capacity to learn at an exponential rate.

[Click on the 3 min video below to learn more about “The Ordeal of Change” and the compression of time to respond to change.]

[1] Ackoff’s Best
[2] This quote is attributed to Leon Megginson in “The evolution of a misquotation” from The Darwin Correspondence Project.
[3] Ackoff’s Best
[4] Dee Hock, One From Many