Changing Our Relationship to Change: The Shift from Robust to Resilient

By Laureen Golden

Happy Wednesday! On Monday we explored The Rift (the discrepancy between the external changes humans have set in motion and our internal capacities to manage them). The antidote to overwhelm was named as changing our relationship to change.

Change our relationship to change? What does this even mean?”, you might be wondering.

In the world many of us were raised in, success was associated with the ability to withstand change.

This is why innovation and change initiatives are often met by a strong immune response ~ because “all of our organizations are built to withstandchange and withstand risk.”[1]

Robust vs Resilient Systems
Systems that survive by withstanding change are referred to as “robust systems”.

Systems that survive by being changed are called resilient.

“In complexity, we’re going for resilience. We want people, communities & institutions that survive by being changed.” (Remember, you can insert these other words for “change”: Adapt. Evolve. Develop. LearnWe want people, communities and institutions that survive by adapting…evolving…developing…learning!)

Understanding the context of exponential change demonstrates why I believe learning/developing is the key imperative in our new world.

[1] Salim Ismail, Exponential Organizations (This 40min video is definitely worth watching!)