Greeting Change: The need to step forward, not backwards

By Laureen Golden

Happy Wednesday! This week we’re making small, relevant steps to decrease overwhelm and increase our resilience, capacity and effectiveness in navigating rapid change. On Monday, we focused on “Letting Go.” Today’s focus is on “Greeting Change,” by stepping forward, not backwards.

In the “map” above of the world that was and the world that is coming into being the third and perhaps most important element is the arrow showing FORWARD MOVEMENT

Why? Because there is a point where the amplification of external change becomes so great, that organisms (including people) can no longer remain “as is.” Remaining “as is” means the organism will no longer be suited to its environment and its very survival is therefore threatened.

So what’s most important at this time is that we greet change by stepping forward into the adventure of exploring our new world. (see quote below). 

Stepping Forward: Ideas to Try

Try getting playful in moving beyond “business as usual” ways of operating.

  • Have a typical way to start your day? Break the pattern by doing something different tomorrow! 
  • Tonight, try brushing your teeth with the hand you don’t typically use.
  • Later in the week when you get dressed, try combining items of clothing you’ve never put together before.

You can also “try on” a scientific stance by:

  • Observing yourself and your life. Pay attention for areas where you’re feeling dissatisfied/not effective.
  • Begin documenting. Journal about specific situations. As you start to gather incidents, look for patterns between them. Are there certain things that trigger you? Certain ways of responding that don’t get you where you want to go? 
  • Start creating small, safe and specific experiments to discover other ways of being and responding that might bring you more satisfaction.

In these experiments, stay focused on LEARNING rather than on outcome. When things don’t work, get curious instead of critical!