How Leaders Stay Resilient

By Laureen Golden

How do those who are leading themselves and others with purpose and integrity stay resilient? More and more, leadership coaches are calling our attention to the value of PAUSING.*

Pausing enables us to momentarily transcend time and the immediacies of life to gain wider perspective and deeper access to the whispers of wisdom within.

Pausing is a creative act. When we pause, we CREATE SPACE to rest, reset, reorient, and rejuvenate, so we are able to dive back into the white waters of change with renewed clarity and vigor.

In the speed and tumult of exponential change, how are you making time to pause?


  1. Start small. When we associate taking a  “pause” with the notion of a week-long vacation, we can miss the myriad of ways in which micro-pauses can be integrated into our daily life. A pause can be as simple as granting yourself permission to take a full breath before speaking. Or taking 5 minutes to rest your head and quiet your mind anytime during your day. 
  2. Try it now. Can you permit yourself two minutes to RECEIVE this “Blessing for Breath” from author Gareth Higgins? Instead of “just listening”, explore what happens if you immerse yourself in the 2 minute container of the experience, allowing your body to soften and your breath to slow. What do you notice?  

*For example, Chris L. Johnson, The Leadership Pause: Sharpen Your Attention, Deepen Your Presence, and Navigate the Future and Kevin Cashman, The Pause Principle: Step Back to Lead Forward