Returning to the Heart of What Matters Most

By Laureen Golden

Have you been struggling to stay focused on what matters? I have! How can we not? There is so much vying for our attention.

I’ve come to see that if we’re not intentionally tracking what matters, what we value most will likely get displaced in the blur of our daily lives by the issues of urgency that disrupt them.

Tomorrow is Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (and Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere). This marks the transition into the 3rd quarter of 2022! (Time is flying!)

Threshold moments such as this provide an excellent opportunity to reconnect with what matters and become ever more intentional in structuring our schedule to create space for what’s most important to us.

Consider grabbing a glass of lemonade and finding a shady spot to sit and relax and reflect on, “What matters most to me?”

Some possible prompts include:
*What have you been feeling called to do around what matters most, that you have not yet been able to do? Why is doing this important to you?
*Imagine you’ve already accomplished this. What would wild success look like?
*What are some things that get in the way of accomplishing this?
*How might you use the next quarter of this year to move forward what you’ve been feeling called to do around what matters most?

Post your responses where you can keep them in your daily view!

The key step is to start blocking time in your daily planner to show up for YOU and what matters most!