Laureen Golden, MEd, LCSW

I accompany people who are ready to adapt along with our rapidly changing world, get where they want to grow.

Those I work with value how I connect them to the most relevant resource at just the right time (few people have spent more time exploring & mapping the field of Transformative Social Systems and the pioneering professionals within it ). 

I craft transformative learning experiences for individuals and organizations, informed by my background in education (I have a BA in Early Childhood, a MA in Special Education, and hold two Montessori certificates) and mental health (I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker). [For “More About Me,” scroll below.]

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More About Me

From a very early age, I’ve been struck by an observation: “The Earth and its Inhabitants are hurting … at the hands of humans. Yet despite our best intentions to do things differently, ‘business as usual’ patterns remain locked in.”  From this observation, two questions emerged which have shaped my life: Why does meaningful change remain so elusive?” and “How might humanity’s power ~ currently locked in conflict within and between people ~ be freed to heal our world and help us navigate the increasing conditions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity?”

The growing magnitude and complexity of our global challenges require us to change at scale, as “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Attempting to withstand the forces of change is a costly strategy. Instead,  we can allow ourselves to be shaped by change and develop our capacity to shape change. To remain effective and resilient in exponential change, it is essential to restore wholeness and wellbeing within ourselves, our organizations, and our community, shifting from expectations to “fit in” to invitations to “belong”. (Brene Brown distinguishes between the two, noting: “Fitting in is about assessing a situation and becoming who you need to be to be accepted. Belonging, on the other hand, doesn’t require us to change who we are; it requires us to be who we are.”

The world needs individuals, organizations, and communities to step into the fullness of their power, strength, and potential, to lead themselves and each other with greater purpose, integrity, and care for the whole. My passion is to support the flourishing of the human potential, as a force for healing ourselves and our world.

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