There is a way of working and being together that is honoring of all and creates greater resilience in our systems as we  navigate the turbulence of exponential change. Yet where do you go to learn about it?

I amplify the voices of Paradigm Shifting Professionals expressing the essence of what we feel to be true and capture this sacred wisdom so it’s more easily discoverable and accessible to those looking for alternatives to the dominate narrative.

Featured below are some of my favorite resources to nourish and guide you on your journey.

Featured Resources

How Do You Improve a System as a Whole?

Pose the Right Question!

Michael Ballé, Jacques Chaize, and Daniel Jones illuminate the power of questions.

Questions travel easily and draw forth answers that are local and thus context-adapted.

Eager to Change A System?

Read This First!

When intervening in a complex system, even well-intentioned efforts can have unintended consequences.

In this article, Chris Corrigan shares a complexity-informed framework to guide you.

Laureen's Articles

Navigating the Noise

“Surfing the waves of uncertainty requires the capacity to hear the soft, quiet voice of wisdom that lives inside us. But how do we keep the volume of information (both the amount and loudness) from drowning out our inner guidance system?”

Struggling to Relax: When the "Language of Surrender" Doesn't Come Easily

Is it just me, or does anyone else struggle to relax? Relaxing for me can look like crashing (collapsing from utter exhaustion) or vegging out (transporting me away from myself…

The Phenomenon of Paradigm Shifting Professionals

On the frontlines of change, there is a phenomenon worth tracking: A growing number of individuals are stepping forward to tend to a crisis of humanity. Unshackling themselves from …