Letting Go, Lightening Up

By Laureen Golden

Happy Monday! This week we’re completing our exploration of “What Time is It In the World” by taking all our learning and making it practical in our day-to-day life. Today’s focus is on “Letting Go.”

Getting from the the world that was to the world that is coming into being is a journey. Moving forward is easier when we are able to shed what we no longer need… let go … lighten up.

Ideas to Try

This week (and as a habit going forward) stay alert for opportunities to shed things that might be dragging you down. Some activities you might try:

  • Look at your schedule. Where are you spending your time? Which activities fuel you? Which ones drain you? How can you begin to let go of commitments that drain you?
  • Look around your space. Pick one area you’d like to lighten up and restore to order. Clear everything out of that space so you may be intentional about which things you want to put back in, and which things you’re ready to give away.[1]
  • Look at what you consume through your mouth, eyes and ears. Are there any things you regularly ingest that no longer serve that you feel ready to cut out?

Stay alert for what arises within you as you do these things. Our internal world is very much tied into our external world. As you make these minor changes externally, you will likely meet some of your internal edges. This is powerful preparation for our new world!

Cultivating a circle of support around you as you do this work is important! That’s why I created a Golden Nuggets Discussion Forum on Sutra, a space where we can “chew on ideas” together. Click here to join
[1] Check out the KonMari method for inspiration. For those with a Netflix account, Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo, may provide additional support.