I seek to strengthen Paradigm Shifting Professionals on the frontlines of exponential change by CONNECTING you to the larger movement of which you are a part, and by CAPTURING, CURATING, and CIRCULATING the gems of wisdom you steward.

Golden Nuggets are morsels of knowledge and wisdom (most of which you already know to be true) but since these ideas can be counter-conditioning, the goal of these nuggets is to strengthen the signal of your inner knowing from all the external noise.

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What Is “Leadership”?

“What does leadership mean to you?” More and more, I feel a hunger to engage with others in a collective inquiry around this question, as if

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How Leaders Stay Resilient

How do those who are leading themselves and others with purpose and integrity stay resilient? More and more, leadership coaches are calling our attention to

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The Spirit of Adventure

Happy Friday! This week we took our learning about the context of exponential change and made it practical with ideas to try in our daily life. We close

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Letting Go, Lightening Up

Happy Monday! This week we’re completing our exploration of “What Time is It In the World” by taking all our learning and making it practical in our

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Change & The Compression of Time

Happy Friday! This week we’ve been exploring the topic of changing our relationship to change. Success is no longer associated with an ability to withstand change, but rather

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